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Mar 2, 2012 1 note  

Annabelle Rama welcomes Mel Tiangco into her home

Celebrity mom and mom to celebrities Annabelle Rama will let viewers in her modern Asian home this Tuesday on GMA News TV’s “Powerhouse with Mel Tiangco.”

Annabelle will not only open the door to her lavish home, she will also share with Powerhouse host Mel Tiangco her dramatic life story as an orphan who was raised by a community of Catholic nuns in Cebu and how she battled with loneliness brought about by her being estranged from her biological parents.

The usually tough “Bisaya” will also show her softer side and reveal her and her husband Eddie Gutierrez’ love story — how she “courted” and pursued the Elvis Presley of the Philippines.

But Annabelle is Annabelle after all. She wouldn’t end an interview without dropping a “bomb” on her “enemies.” Do you want to know what she has to say this time?

Watch “Powerhouse with Mel Tiangco” airing on Tuesday, March 6, 8pm on GMA News TV Channel 11. (N. Rara)


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